The Lotus

by Lizard Kingdom

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released May 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Lizard Kingdom San Jose, California

Lizard Kingdom is an experimental post hardcore band from San Jose, California.

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Track Name: Post Hiatus
Forest floor solitude, let them know it’s fucking rude
Angered over talking smooth, swear to you it’s always true
Mashing closer to my fate, I’ll find another proper place
The end of apes engaging stray, wild never passed away
Stagger to mumble light a blade, cut it I'll love it anyway
Gouge my eyes out from my skull, consider unfaithful crosses show
Subtle mind, tear out mine
Blend in shine, scramble dive
Back for brand to wear, it’s scandalous
Stand on back, represent stacks
Gut your shell on my wall
Somewhere since seeing trip to our soul, caught fire by cancel, way to uphold
Stacked outside my luster crawl, it’s shattered and it’s all my fall
Test off, shin split, hanging in thin lift
Shot on top to see mountain space, jump back down catch me face to face
Track Name: The Ten Foot Tall Man
Can't fight this pressure building up inside my chest
Sweating out discomfort, fighting instant disgrace
What matters most to me is who, not where, I want to be
It’ll get sloppy, cop end breathe
My self control has ruined me
Abstract matches that rip apart the dreams
I've exploded piece by piece
What matters the most to me is who, not where I want to be
It’ll get sloppy, cop end breathe
My self control has ruined me
If I can be the one
All I am is my weaknesses
Track Name: The Beach
Justified, antagonized, fearing contempt that lies behind your smile
Extort compliment, become brusque
Terrify the atlas
Frame suspicious trace
Underlying motives match, displaced
Energetic for my sake
Linger for a kiss, slouch
Catch a dirty stare
All I ask is break my heart, be fair
Near time I spent thought, each second spared in space
Truth found itself spelled in boxes entered your face
Met with pleasant exchange
Excitement never meant this much to me
Like you, I'm a liar, too
Tremors freeze remind
Stacked against the grain I fall in strain
Trek into, the woods follow you
Each word means less than the last
Excuses are the only thing you have
Light, I followed blindly
Brighten me, sacrifice me
Enter into despair
Allure was my solidified rise
Maybe I can lock your gaze
Stare into me
Track Name: True Detective
Lifelines breathing empathy, I'm salty but bemused
These guilty hands can't make amends, with robots, tie my noose
I kiss the ground to see your mouth, everyone is inside out
Suffer shudder bend to whims, I only stand to lose
Yesterday you found my pills hidden in your couch
I took them all, backflipped all the way to oak tree's blouse
My matter don’t mind and my mind don’t matter, caustic smack stammer blacklist lift and jam
All my time is spent wasting away, contradistinction of progress made
I live in a world of unrealities
I’ve got this syndrome that enables me to see through walls, but mine are built up high enough no one sees through at all
Come back to spend, bring apes amend, map your mind, overextend
Dig and smell the rotting stench of shame your sins expel
I punched paradise straight in its face
Intoxicated by the smell of anger in the air
Left for dead in stranger ends with altitude impaired
Bring all your friends, tell them that I can cure your AIDS
Best to note that everyone is staring at your legs
Swirling down into the mist, I’ll fall until I drown in this
Like an eagle earns his wings I’ll take the leap and meet my fate
The world’s gone mad and I’m upset my face is getting dry
Now our plan is realized, the football player dies
I should forgive myself for murders that I dream
Once again my heart has failed me, cuts rip at the seam
Track Name: The Lotus
Backlash stabs at vowel cross vague threat, assign blind it’s getting fine, it’s getting fine
Bring strap made out of crack, scamper black altar brat, majesty’s the best to me, sew staff bloods boil
Somewhere caught up in the wind, the angels throw their wings at hands
Sweet sick. Touch, kiss. Riding high, a gentle killer
Unprepared and getting scared is what my life’s about, but how I can and how I’m bland don’t mix well with my doubt
I won’t be a real hero, just a nameless state with breaks in mind, for finding drivers of emotions, maybe they might manage mine
Filled insane, I babble blame. All branded suffer, waiting game. Mimic mountain, fear contempt, I stutter process how I dress
Throwing anger through my mouth, in hope that structure might come out, won’t admit it’s not my own, follow bloody mocking drone
All the days I waste thus far only shake my falling stars, wave goodbye to happiness, I’m bitter now, have always been
Lost control of my best friend, strange sensation never ends. How far does this have to go before the crash that takes me home?
Disregard that subtle moan, nothing matters anymore
Don’t speak again, put it through a wall, I'll see you at my festival